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Complete All Applicable Forms

Childcare/School Age Parents

Use the document upload button below, to upload student current health assessment & shot records, IEP, allergy documents, custody documents etc. as well as any other documents you deemed necessary. 

Click on ENROLL NOW to complete forms. When selecting daycare name; Scroll down/Select Hashr Al Baiyinah Lamont Academy Early Learning and Development. When asked for director email, input and when asked if your child enrolled in Philly Universal Pre-K, select Yes if applicable.

Health assessment form & shot records are due within the first 30 days of enrollment.

ALL fields must be filled, or medication won't be administered

PhlPreK applicants must submit at least 1 proof of age for the student and proof of residency for the parent/guardian

           Acceptable documents for PhlPreK:

Proof of Age                                                           Proof of Residency                                                        Other Required Document

Birth Certificate                                                      State Issued ID or Driver's License                                  Health Assessment & Shot Records

Visa or Green Card                                                  Employer Pay Stub or W2                                                 Dental Record

Valid US Passport                                                   Voter ID with Address                                                              Copy of Insurance Card

Social Security Documents with DOB                  Lease/Rental Agreement or Mortgage Statement         IEP

Medical Records                                                    Social Security Documentation                                        Custody Documents

DHS Letter on DHS Letterhead                             Utility Bill                                                                             

                                                                                 ELRC or County Assistance Letter

                                                                                 Social Service Statement Attesting Residency 

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