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Employee Resources

ALL employees are REQUIRED to complete

  • Disclosure Statement

  • Code of Conduct

  • Appointment Verification Form

  • Staff Expectation Sheet

  • Employee Emergency Contact Form

  • Trainings if Applicable

ALL employees are REQUIRED to print or download and read Employee Regulations

ALL employees MUST complete clearances if applicable such as expired clearances or new to obtaining clearances

Employees MUST print Health Assessment Form for physician to complete and return to director

Employees ONLY complete Application of Leave if requesting time off



Complete Mandated Reporter / Reporting Child Abuse Training (3 hours)

Email certificate to

Sign in to On Demand (choose "No, I am a new customer" for password)

Complete Registration (We participate in STARS and the CACFP Food Program if it asks. Answer questions the best that you can. We can make adjustments later.)


Click on "Course List" and input "Get Started with Center-Based Care: Revised 2022." (K6.2 Cl) (CDA6) 10 hr. 

Email certificate to

Cost $ 22.00

Cost $13.00

Cost Free

Cost $ 23.85 (Service Code 1KG738)

New staff are required to complete ALL trainings
Staff will ONLY complete Linking Standards Training if mandated by administration
Instruction for Curriculum Training: Click on Register for free & complete sign up process. Complete Foundations 1: Lesson Planning and Prep. Once complete, complete quiz & email certificate to
When video is complete email director at            director@lamon​tacadem​ with 5 things you learned about the training & then you'll sign off stating you completed the training.
When video is complete email director at with 5 things you learned about the training & then the director will submit a training certificate
Teaching Resources
Modeling Method: I do, We do, You do
Fostering Essential Disposition in Children
Opportunity for Exploration & Problem Solving
Teaching Handwriting
Support Toddlers Critical Thinking
Supporting Social Learnings
Developmentally Appropriate Practices IntroT
Talking about number talks
Counting Books
Observing Young Children
Documenting Children Learning
Intentional Teaching
Ten Frames and Dot Cards
Teachers Talking about number talks
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