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About Us 

Our Classrooms and Curriculum

  • Inclusive
  • Interactive
  • Hands On
  • Developmentally Appropriate 
  • PA Standards Aligned
  • Keystone Stars Participant

Our Mission

To build a strong academic and social & emotional foundation for each student. While doing that we also develop happy, kind, self-confident, and successful children.

We use the continuous quality improvement model and professional development to make small incremental changes and small incremental changes become a natural part of the way every day work is done. As a result of a quality program we are able to provide a great service to our “clients”- the children and families that we serve, we become better educators and an asset to our community.

Lamont Academy ELD provides the best hands on experience based on the students’ academic and developmental ability. We aim to provide an inclusive environment to create a community amongst teachers and students. The teacher will provide students with the necessary tools for success in and out of the classroom. Students will learn through play, social interactions and technology. Lamont Academy ELD will have open communications with parents and guardians about their students’ progress. We’ll rely on these partnerships to aid the teachers in understanding and enriching their students.

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